About the brand

An array is defined as an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing, which is exactly what Rachael Levine honors in her brand of wearable art. Derived from array and Rachael's childhood nickname, RaeArae offers one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories hand-dyed on silk and boiled wool using Shibori, an ancient Japanese tie-dye technique that creates imperfectly beautiful patterns that allow customers to express their own creative styles with every wear.


Descending from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs, Rachael proudly draws inspiration from patterns, textures, and colors found in nature as well as elements of different cultures to which she has traveled, like traditional textile techniques, and random symmetry, to name a couple. Rachael's canvas has been fabric ever since she was introduced to a sewing machine at a young age and she hopes that every customer will love wearing their unique garments as much as she loves designing and constructing them. 


Arae supports the Sakura Foundation, which celebrates Japanese-American heritage, culture, and community in the heart of downtown Denver.

Ethical production practices include:

  • Keeping it Local: Rachael hand dyes, cuts and sews a lot of the collection, and has some cutting and sewing help from a local husband and wife team.  

  • Zero Waste: Some of our styles don’t have patterns and instead are draped out of a single piece of fabric without cutting into it at all.

  • Patterning Smart: When we do use patterns to cut our garments out, Rachael designs them smart, using as much fabric as she can in one piece to avoid any waste.

  • Dead Bolts: We source the super soft rayon/spandex blend you all love so much in our Two Tone Collection from dead stock in Downtown L.A. instead of having it produced in a mill from scratch, which helps to save the world from any more of the fashion industry’s pollution.

  • Dye Process: Being based in the high desert means taking advantage of that dry air and hot sun, all year round. All of our silk and boiled wool is hang dried, outside, by the natural sun and air.