ARAE Sells Out On Evine

Part of the deal with winning Emerging Designer of the Year with Phoenix Fashion Week was EVINE Live picking up my collection to debut on live television, with me as the guest. I REALLY wanted to win so I could have this opportunity. I truly had no idea what was in store or how we were going to manufacture my one of a kind shibori tie-dye silk garments but it was so amazing! 

To start, I was a little worried about my fabric. I hand dyed every piece that walked down the runway, and I still hand dye every piece- and sew- that I make, which includes everything on my website too. I am my own production team. I had no idea how we were going to produce my one-of-a-kind Shibori tie dye collection overseas. I've never been manufactured, everything I do is made to order and I make product as it sells, easy as that (but it's not really easy). Anyways, instead of using a generic tie-dye pattern, we decided to take my original patterns and print then repeat it on yardage to keep things mine and authentic Shibori. It was so beautiful! I could not believe how perfectly it was all replicated and positioned on the clothing. We didn't use silk for the collection clearly because there is a certain price point to hit when selling live on tv, but we worked with amazing poly charmeuse, sheer fabrics, and silky knits to convey the same look as my Spring Phoenix Fashion Week collection. 

From October-April, I was rehearsing and recording myself presenting my collection. I made sure to cover everything from how to style the garments, and even went into detail about how the patterns were actually made through Shibori. To be honest, I always did my best when rehearsing but never thought my pitches were anything amazing.. but my clothes sure were! ;)

Finally it's April, I'm heading to Minneapolis for a non-stop 2 days of touring the set, styling my collection for the models, and meeting the crew including the main host Erin. Thank god for Erin, that woman is amazing on live tv! She made me feel comfortable and calm while naturally guiding our conversation. I kinda got into a flow because I know my designs like the back of my hand so I can talk about it all day!

I had 30 minutes live to sell my collection. In that time we talked about my 5 different pieces (came in 2 colors), my brand aesthetic, how to style, and my design process- my favorite! I sold out of almost everything in that 30 minutes and completely sold out a couple hours after that. It was really surreal doing that because there's nobody around really, just you, the host, and the crew. I didn't think about the fact that over one million people were watching me and possibly trying to buy my clothing. I cried before, during, and after, because I'm emotional and always in shock of what I'm accomplishing. I don't really even have words for how happy I am with the whole thing. 

I design using Shibori and if I don't then I'm bored with the end result. I don't think I'll ever not practice Shibori so the fact that my collection sold out means people like it, want it, and are ready for it. So I'm going to keep making it!

xo, Rae


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