Behind the Evine Debut

In less than 2 weeks I’ll be on LIVE television with 30 minutes to sell out of my debut collection with Evine. I cannot wait to talk about my Spring/Summer ’16 line, which I designed and produced by combining my love of fashion and textiles. This collection is extremely meaningful to me, I created it while competing in Phoenix Fashion Week for the title of Emerging Designer of the Year. During the 4 month “bootcamp” we learned every aspect of having a fashion business: marketing, pr, design, branding, selling, wholesale, retail, ecommerce, and more. All while creating a twelve-piece collection to flawlessly walk down an 80 ft runway.

This collection represents not only my design aesthetic, but my Japanese background using Shibori tie-dye on silk charmeuse, the ability to be focused and to multitask, obtain smaller goals leading up to one big one, making 3 more looks with just a yard and a half of fabric (it was too late to order more), perseverance, and following my intuition above everything. Almost everyone I was competing against had at least a two-person team or production set up- and had at least 5 years of age on me. I was constantly questioning how am I going to do this? How am I going to... but whatever the challenge was, I got past it. This collection represents all nighters, traveling, being free spirited, and trusting myself. I hope you join millions and watch me live on Evine April 8 from 7:30-8pm Central as I express my love for this collection and walk you through the garments.


Rachael LevineComment