Back to the grindddd

What a crazy start to 2015! I feel like I haven't stopped traveling and been having way too much fun for someone who owns her own company! But a break is always needed and if not willingly taken then will be unwillingly given to you one way or another. Anyways, I am ready to get started again with tradeshow season and getting my new products for 2015 in the market, seen, and ordered! Lot of exciting things are in store for this year. I hired brand reps yay! On the east coast and midwest, which is perfect because I've been spending a lot of time out west and trying to explore that territory myself to start.

For February and March, ARAE will be shown at New York's Atelier Show during New York Fashion Market Week February 22-24, Rocky Mountain Gift Show at the Denver Mart February 27-March 2, NEAC Show in Massachusetts at the Trade Center March 1-4, SHAPE at LA Fashion Market Week March 16-18, and STYLEMAX at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago March 21-24. A total of 5 shows in 2 months but I'm excited to see what it brings to the table, and also relieved that I'm only doing the Denver and LA show myself and leaving the rest mainly in the hands of my reps. 

Starting a brand has a long list of challenges and finding your best customer and target market is difficult. These 5 shows range from high-end art to wear, to gifts/accessories, to ready-to-wear, and athletic/leisure driven lifestyle. Looking forward to all of them because if you never try you never know. Send positive thoughts and energy to ARAE as we break into the new year and almost all new shows and target markets!