I love the brand Free People, kind of thanks to my sister Stephanie who is obsessed with them and online shops too much. But it's people like her who make the world go round for us designers right? Well now, one of my favorite brands is selling something I made with my very own hands, the Long Fingerless Gloves in Indigo and Desert. It was a dream come true seeing my collection on their website. I persevered and kept designing and making for plenty of time before this opportunity finally came my way. With persistence, and a good, unique product, the magic happened and ARAE is on

I'm really thankful that they picked my designs to showcase and as I get more familiar with the company I see them supporting other smaller designers as well. When I saw my gloves online my immediate reaction was to cry because I was so happy! Seriously a dream come true. A year and a half ago when I graduated college if you told me I'd be selling on Winter 2015 I would have been in shock. It's the best feeling in the world accomplishing a huge goal and I will never forget this moment and feeling. But big accomplishments don't come without hard work. This is not average for a 23 year old, I don't go out a lot, I'm constantly making things, trying to market my brand, email, R&D, experiment, fill orders, get orders, etc. A mentor of mine and someone I love so much, Melissa Wood amazing illustrator/person/entrepreneur/mother/cook/etc.  always inspires me and said "This is the first so you'll remember it the most--but there's plenty more coming your way." And she's absolutely right, what an amazing first. There's no stopping here, as Melissa said, there will be plenty more to come. 


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