RAW Presents SCOPE: Chicago

Someone once told me that there's only one way to find out what you will get out of something.. and that's if you choose not to do it and let it pass you by. You'll get nothing! No new experiences, no growth in your networking circle, no feedback, etc. For this reason, I usually say yes to all opportunities that come my way. 

I learned about RAW really randomly through a connection on Linkedin. I was connecting with this person to collaborate on a project when she sent me the post of RAW Chicago's showcase was looking for one more artist. My connection told me she thought it would be a cool opportunity and to check it out. I immediately jumped on the idea, learned about the RAW: Natural Born Artist organization and filled out an artist profile on the website to be considered. Shortly after I was accepted and started preparing for the show, which was the following month. RAW finds local talent in over 50 cities in the USA, and also hosts showcases in Canada and Australia as well. They provide artists with an opportunity to express their talent to whoever wants to come support that night in a cool venue with an eclectic atmosphere. I put together a team of models, hair, and makeup, and RAW provided me with the space to have my runway show. I never pass up an opportunity to do runway! Its always so incredible to see my designs brought to life and get such a positive reaction from the audience! And really amazing putting together a team of new models, hair, and makeup, to have a great time representing my brand ARAE.

Video: Tony Erika

Photo: John Cousert

Hair/Makeup: My Chicago Salon Stylists: Edwin Torres and team

Models: Yordanos Ghdey, Alicia Glossinger, Uchenna Agwuncha, Zoraida Santiago, Becca Johnson, Angelika Rol, Patrycja Andruszewski, Alaida, Jenna