There ain't no rest for the wicked

Oh my goodness two shows in one day! Seriously I hardly slept the night before and knew this day was going to be nonstop. But I feel like I've trained my body and mind to just go and deal with it and I'll get through it. After all.. who am I to complain about two shows in one day, its really awesome to have opportunities like this to struggle about! 

The first event I committed to was the Artemisia trunk show. This was their holiday event for their loyal customers and casual shoppers. The two sweet ladies who run the store invited their local designers to come and bring extra inventory for the event and also offered really yummy horderves for the night. I brought my new bright holiday collection and clothing, and got to know some of the other designers who also sell there. I also was able to see the type of people who shop at the store and loved the crowd, they all had a great response to the new collection and ARAE clothing line so I got to leave that there. My brand aesthetic really matches the store well, they have new inventory, vintage items, handmade products, all representing different parts of the world. After making that appearance I went to the next show.

Bizarre Bazaar 2014 at Wool St. in Barrington. This was my third year in a row doing the Bizarre Bazaar. It's a great little holiday shopping event hosted by freelance illustrator Melissa Wood ( where she curates artists together to gather a variety of talents from home to food to fashion. The atmosphere is always cool and casual, nice and laid back where everyone can eat, drink, and be merry! Always a pleasure (and profit) to come here and participate. Thanks Melissa!