There's a first time for everything

I had a very random and amazing experience with the CHADD organization at their 26th Annual International Conference on ADHD. I was recruited about one month ago by Khalilah Long, director of marketing, on Etsy to come and sell at the event. I said yes because at this point in my life I refuse to say no to new opportunities no matter what they are. 

This was a completely new market for me, I had never thought of doing a corporate conference and selling, but who doesn't like bright colorful wool accessories?! Not to mention hand tie dyed. Perfect timing too for holiday and also reaching an international crowd to the Hyatt Regency at O'hare.

To my surprise people loved my line and I sold just about everything. I even got customers from Kuwait and Mexico! The most amazing thing was learning about ADHD and how people overcome the struggle and connecting with my customers on a personal level. It's always fun to learn about who is buying your product and know directly who it's going to, gifts to loved ones, or just themselves. It was the first time I debuted my winter brights collection and the colors are here to stay! 

My booth neighbors were great as well and also entrepreneurs, so very inspiring to see what other people's passions are. I learned about Eddy's, the energy diverting device, which helps those with ADHD place their energy in a 'fidget' rather than it interrupting their daily routine. The products are similar to stress balls but they have aroma therapy in them catering to your emotional needs of monitoring hyperness, sleepiness, or just a hand fixation. They did well and I overheard some amazing feedback and stories of their customers and how their Eddy has/will help them. 

A very inspiring and eye opening experience overall and I happily was able to make a donation at the end of the 3 day conference!